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How to Use Bus Buck$



Bus Buck$ Vouchers are NOT redeemable when bookings have been made through "3rd Party Agents" & are redeemable only when booked directly thru a Waggie Pty Ltd owned subsidiary which includes those participating in the Waggie Pty Ltd owned “Partner Program” who are Exclusive Representative Partners of Waggie Pty Ltd & the subsidiaries it owns. Bus Buck$ vouchers must contain a Waggie Pty Ltd Booking Number and/or Purchase Number, their Authorized Company Seal, Date as well as matching Bus Buck$ current look & design.

However, when a Tour or Charter is completed with Waggie Pty Ltd that was previously booked via a “3rd Party Agent”, you will still be entitled to receive & redeem Bus Buck$ up to the allowed amount provided all future bookings are made direct with a Waggie Pty Ltd owned subsidiary. The sale, trade, swap or exchange of Bus Buck$ entitlement(s) to another person or entity is solely your responsibility & we advise you to follow all necessary commonsense procedures to ensure your transaction is completed properly. Waggie Pty Ltd or it's subsidiaries are not responsible for any such transactions.


- Redeeming Bus Buck$ for Tours -

Each person booked & having paid for a Tour shall be entitled to receive Bus Buck$ to the value of 10% of the booking value per person. For example, you & a friend book a tour with a value of $100 & $150 respectively, you would receive Bus Buck$ to the value of $10.00 & your friend would receive Bus Buck$ to the value of $15.00 at the completion of your Tour which can be redeemed against the cost of future Tours. . Holders of Bus Buck$ for may ‘pool’ their Bus Buck$ for TOURS ONLY to receive the collective redemption value against future tours.

- Redeeming Bus Buck$ For Charters -

Only the organizer of the Charter will be entitled to receive 10% of the total value of the Charter cost in Bus Buck$ and these will be given at the completion of the Charter which can be redeemed against the cost of future Charters. Holders of Bus Buck$ for Charters may use Bus Buck$ for up to 10% of the Charters Value per future Charter unless they are utilizing Bus Buck$ that were purchased online. Bus Buck$ received from Tours or Charters as per above CANNOT be used if you are paying for your Tour or Charter with Bus Buck$ purchased online.


All Bus Buck$ redemptions can only be used for advance bookings, that is, you are in possession of Bus Buck$ from a Tour or Charter that has since been completed by yourself or by someone you have purchased from, been gifted, swapped or traded Bus Buck$ with & are identifiable by the completed date, booking number or an online purchase ID number. The exception to the latter is if you have been gifted, swapped or traded Bus Buck$ which were purchased online and are identifiable by a Receipt Number. Bus Buck$ cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion held by Waggie Pty Ltd or it’s subsidiaries. For Bus Buck$ which have been purchased online and not used with 12 months of purchase may be exchanged for cash up to 15 Months from the purchase date. All Bus Buck$ other than those purchased online have an expiry of 12 Months after date of Issue.


- Would You Like Even More Savings? -

For a limited time you may purchase Bus Buck$ online on any one of our Waggie Sites. Bus Buck$ purchased online have a face value of $100 but cost just $85.00 to purchase. Upon receiving your online Bus Buck$ purchase(s) we'll send your Bus Buck$ via Email within 1 business day. Print your Bus Buck$ Voucher out & have it ready for your next Tour or Charter! Don't forget to retain a record of payment receipt after purchasing your Bus Buck$. To receive your Bus Buck$ entitlement(s) simply advise us the value of Bus Buck$ you will be redeeming at the time of booking your Tour or Charter.  Bus Buck$ purchased online cannot be redeemed in conjunction with the Bus Buck$ received from Tours or Charters.   

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Cooee Tours 0409 661 342

This policy was updated on the 8th July 2021

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